Friday, September 20, 2013

Family, Friends, and Fun!

Hola Mi Familia y Amigos!

Things have been a bit crazy, but crazy fun! Ian and I were able to make a trip down to Utah to visit family and friends a few weekends ago. Ian is supposed to be in a friend's wedding in October (fingers are crossed that his work schedule allows it.) so we made it a special trip down so that he could attend the bachelor party in case we couldn't make it for the wedding. So while he was out hanging with his boys, all the ladies decided to do dinner. Juliana, Brittany, and I had our own little party at Cafe Rio. I know, I know, it's nothing compared to the boys trip on the fun bus down to Wendover (little known fact that my mom made that same trip earlier in the spring...WTF? Seriously? MY MOTHER! THE FUN BUS?!) but if you know us ladies, we may have had just as much fun or more by making Cafe Rio extend it's business hours because we couldn't stop laughing.

I also got to spend some much needed time with my nieces and nephews....Now, I am not one to compare family's to family's on whose is the cooler unit, but I'll let you be the judge....If you aren't seeing what I am seeing, then I suggest you open your eyes.... BAM! You may call them Coolio...

Franklin also got to meet them for the first time... I think I may just faint by the pure cuteness that is this video.

We also were able to attend the U of U game.... Don't mention it to Ian. He still has a sore spot.

Franklin was a freaking car riding trooper. Mostly he just crashed the ENTIRE drive. The nieces and nephews had more energy than he did, and his little body couldn't keep up. Thank the heavens! It wore him out and was an easy drive home. He missed out on an awesome sunset, but I don't think he minded.

If you can see past the bug guts windshield, it is quite beautiful.

Now let's just talk about how much excitement I have now that the weather is getting cooler!? I am so excited to start decorating our house for fall! I may or may not have made Ian stop at the candle isle while we were grocery shopping so I could pick up a pumpkin spice candle....our house smells heavenly. You're welcome Ian.

But decorations aren't all I am excited about. Can I get a WOOT WOOT for fall foods!? Ian isn't a huge fan about soups, but I am breaking him in. His dad gave me an awesome recipe for homemade Butternut Squash soup. Holy Amazing Batman!

You can find this place in West Jordan.... this is an Apple Pie Milkshake....Holla!

Raw almonds and Candy Corn snack mix... you'll die!

And of course the infamous Butternut Squash soup!

Hurray for Fall! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE summer. But a girls gotta have a break. You know what they say, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." And ain't that the truth with seasons!?

I also got to take these two lovely ladies out for a birthday dinner!

We had missed mommy Mikayla's birthday while we were in Idaho so I took her to dinner at Flatbread. For those of you who have ever been to Vinto's in downtown SLC.... You will know what I mean by best pizza EVER! If you haven't been there, check it out! You will NOT regret it. Mikayla brought along sweet little Blakely. I kid you not, EVERY single person that passed mentioned what a doll she was. Look at that face! I don't blame them! She is totally a sweetheart! Love these ladies!

And of course, I can't end my post without a Franklin pic... or should I say best iPad holder there ever was pic...until he moves...but you know... best when he holds still.

Oh, and also, the little stinker has an issue with keeping his toys in one piece. He seriously cannot have plush toys for more than a day and he has already torn open a hole just so he can pull the stuffing out. He also like to shave off the fluff from tennis balls. I. Kid. You. Not. He literally pulls the fluffy stuff right off the outside of the ball! I found myself yelling, "We can't ever have nice things!" Then I realized he was a dog and dogs don't need nice things... but here is our counter anyway...until I can sew up the holes... Geez Louise!

Anyway, we love you all! We are still planning on making a few trips down to Utah in October, so we hope to see everyone as much as possible! Stay safe and happy salutations! 

"But I don't want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.
"Oh, you can't help that," said the Cat:
"we're all mad here."

-Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

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