Saturday, October 5, 2013

Happy Fall!

Hey Guys!

How has everyone been?! This post is totally going to be a photo overload. I kinda got camera happy. So, you know, it's probably fine.

Ian, the Frank and I have been enjoying this cool fall weather. And when I say cool, I mean FREAKING FREEZING. Ian loves it. We are on complete opposite spectrums of temperatures. But with alot of pleading and crying (on his part), we came to a compromise on the thermostat in our house. But even though Fall is definitely here, we have had some really nice sunny days that have helped make it not too bad.

Ian had a 4 day weekend so we decided that since it was one of those nice days (as mentioned above) we'd check out a deli for lunch and take a walk in the park with the kid.

Deli George

My boys

The zoo is in the park, so I kinda felt like a rebel. You know, living on the wild side by getting to see the animals without having to pay.....What?! It's not my fault! They should either make taller fences or shorter giraffes!

Franklin's new pose...

We call it the grasshopper.

And of course Frank has to bring home a souvenir.

We also were able to stop by a smaller farmer's market/pumpkin patch. I REALLY wanted to get some small gourds and pumpkins to decorate the house up with, but we are planning on making a trip to Meridian this next week where they have an ACTUAL pumpkin patch where you can pick whatever you want off the vine and it's cheaper. (They also have a corn maze. You know we are all over that!)

We also got to celebrate my birthday this past week. Ian took me to sushi.....(for those of you who know Ian, you know that he wont eat the stuff. So it was kind of a big deal.) He took me shopping and he doesn't know this, but mentally agreed to a foot rub... He'll be paying that up soon. 

I'm a lucky lady!

My parents sent us this housewarming/birthday gift too... What sweethearts!

And Ian's parents sent me some money to spend on whatever I wanted and this...

Now go ahead and stare in awe at this, and believe me when I say Marilyn KNIT this for me! Holy cow Batman! Talk about talent! Love the big button! Thanks so much Mar!

I've also continued to fill my time with crafts and fun fall foods. But what I am really trying to say is, "Guys, I made a chalkboard."

I found a tutorial online and decided to try it out. It turned out so well! I found an old painting at a thrift store and wah-la! 

I also decided that I needed something else to do with my spare time, so I said to myself, "Hey you, the one with the great hair, why not certify to be a Zumba instructor?"
So I did.

Forgive the plastered sweaty look. We just finished a class. 

So pretty much if you need a Zumba Instructor, call me. I'm a good time. Not in as a "Lady of the night" good time, but you know, "Zumba instructor good time." 

We've also had some visitors. Now, normally I would have posted that last sentence like this...
"We've also had some visitors!!!!"
But, they aren't the kind of visitors you are thinking about. Let me fill you in....

We got a knock on our door about 9:30 a few nights ago. It was our next door neighbor telling us that we have a bunch of raccoons in our garage. (Our garage has been having issues lately and either not  staying down, or wont close.) Well a normal person would have flipped the lights on and off, or opened the door a crack yelling and making alot of noise to hopefully scare them out.... yeah, well, we are obviously NOT normal people, we are Borovatz' with a bit of Pugh blood. We didn't do that. What DID we do? We hooked Franklin up to his leash and went chasing after them with the best war cry you ever heard! Yeah, we did that. There were only about four raccoons, and we figured Franklin counted as two, so it was pretty good odds. The pic above is kinda hard to see but just to the right of the left tree trunk you can see one of it's glowing eyes. It was probably winking at me. I WAS wearing a terribly fabulous outfit... At. 9:30. At. Night.

The bugs here seem to be 10 times larger than in Utah... Please bless the Spiders aren't.

Franklin's new favorite thing is to sit at the back door and watch the squirrels. 

We also did a bit of shopping and decorated our house for Halloween! So fun!

I'm still need to make a garland to go over the fireplace.

And of course, I cant end a post without a plethora of Franklin pics....

Well, we love you all! We are making a few trips down to Utah again this month, so please contact us so we can get together! Hope everyone is doing well! All our love!

Franklin looks possessed, don't worry, we made sure he wasn't after this pic was taken.

"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by it's ability to climb a tree, it will live it's whole life  believing that it is stupid."

-Albert Einstein

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