Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Puppy Problems

Hey everyone!

Ah man! I missed a whole month of blogging! I was in Utah for half the month of August, so I think I can use that as a legit excuse.

I came down for a bachelorette trip as well as a family reunion. I had a blast, but it would have been better if Ian had been with me. He had to work, so I was running solo (besides Frank and Hami of course, they tagged along).

The bachelorette trip was down at Lake Powell for a week. Holy Amazeballs! So much fun! These ladies were a blast!

Karlie, (the lady on the left) is Ian's cousin. She is getting married next month and had the best Bachelorette party ever! 

I know what you are thinking....

"That is a horrible idea. They shouldn't be together. Their hormones will align and wreak havoc on our plumbing."

Didn't happen. Not only did we catch carp, haul gas tanks, and hike barefoot, we ultimately kicked butt on tubes, knee boards, and wake boards. Holla!

And while us ladies were out having fun. Karlie's fiancé Ryan, Ian, and our friend Terrel were out having some boy time....

Ian was like a kid in a candy shop.

I also got to spend some time with my family up at Mirror Lake in the Uintas for our family reunion. You definitely take your family for granted when you live in a whole different state. It was so great to be able to spend some time with them. 

Oh, and Frank and Hami got to come too!

Not going to lie though, cleaning pine gum off their bellies and feet wasn't super fun. (For those of you with dogs you take out in the woods, safe vet remedy for pine gum on your dog: butter and Dove dish soap. Works amazingly!)

I also took Frank up Bald Mountain. He was a trooper. 

The little mountain man in the pic below and I hiked ahead of everyone else and made it to the top about 45 minutes before the rest of them. 

Once everyone else made it to the top, we had a snack and small break and headed back down. The view was incredible. 

Once we got back home to Idaho, we were excited to find that the only two plants we were able to fit in our little patch of dirt had produced...

Please ignore the marks on the latter Zucchini, Hami decided to make it into a chew toy.

Speaking about Hami and chewing.... *deep breath*

We have had a bit of a time with this one. The previously talked about camping trip messed up his potty training. So not only did we have to "re-train" him once we got home, but he also did this....

And this...

Yes, that is carpet... on our top step... in our RENTAL town home...

Luckily we have had previous experience with puppy problems (see here), so we've had some idea on how to cope. And also luckily for us, Hami gets his last set of shots next week so I can start taking him to work with me. Only one more week of deep prayer that I don't come home to the living room couch looking like it went through a paper shredder. 

Hami's previous set of shots. He had lots of support.

But even with all of Hamilton's shenanigans, we have been able to fit in a few dates (with the help from a babysitter. Keely, you are definitely on the heaven bound list).

We love the farmer's market so much here in Boise that we keep going back! It is a fun cheap way to spend your Saturday morning.

It's been especially fun lately since everyone is harvesting their fruit and veggies!

We also got to try Mongolian dumplings which were AMAZING!

My parents are planning on coming to visit next week and we already told them to plan on NOT sleeping in Saturday morning because the farmer's market adventure is happening! 

We also were able to make it to Ian's co-worker's (Brent's) wedding in Meridian. It was beautiful! Brent's wife's side of the family is hispanic so they danced to mariachi music and it was awesome!
They had a photo booth that you know Ian and I couldn't turn down.

Ian and I were also both released from our Sunbeam teacher calling. :( 
We already miss those stinkers. 

One of our little beamers dropped off this cute note with cookies at our door. 

We got a call from the Stake President's secretary asking if we could both meet with the Stake President sometime. We set up a time, but were both unsure of who was getting the calling. As soon as the Stake President said, "Sister Borovatz," Ian got a big ol' grin on his face because he knew it wasn't him. 
Well, I got called to be an early morning seminary teacher!
Cue the jaw dropping, because that is exactly what mine did when he said it.
 I've been doing it for about 3 weeks now and it is such a blessing in my life! Not only do I get to work with the youth, which I love, but it is a mandatory spiritual jump start to my day. 
Oh and Ian, just you wait... being calling-less means it's just a matter of time before you get one, I'm rooting for Stake Young Men's President. :) I've already put in a good word for you.

Ian and I also got to make it down to Utah this past weekend to go to the U game. We figured this might be one of the only games we made it down for, so we did a last minute 2 day trip down.

We found out this weekend that Hamilton has 3 ways of traveling in the car...

#1-Sitting on the center console (which is the most used way.)

#2- Sleeping awkwardly

#3- Climbing into Ian's lap and making him hold him while he drives (Which is the favorite.)

Hami is obsessed with Ian. Wherever Ian is, Hami is also.

And of course we have to finish off the blog with another collage of the boys...

Franklin's new way of peeing... his back legs literally are laying on the grass. What a goof ball. Yoga dog what?

They are the best of friends. 

Well that is it for us Borovatz. We will be down for Ian's cousin's wedding first part of October and again at the end of October for Ian's Goblin Valley Ultra Marathon. We love you all and hope to see you soon!