Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Hello from Idaho!

We apologize for not posting for a minute. Moving takes a lot out of you.....not to mention time consuming, gas guzzling, and stressful. But, no worries! We made it here safe and sound with a little dent in our pocket book and a smile on our faces.

But before we headed up, we spent some much needed time with friends and family. The Saturday before we left, we went to Lagoon with my family. My sister and her husband were in town from California...let's not forget to mention the freaking coolest nieces and nephews EVER! I would say that my nieces and nephews could beat your nieces and nephews up but that would sound too much like 4th grade.... but seriously, they could.

I also spent some time with this good looking lady! 

A few nights before we headed up, Franklin came down with a bout of the trots. Let me just tell you how much fun we had cleaning out his kennel and the carpet at 2:30 in the morning....NOT! Poor guy had excessive bacteria in his stomach. The vet said it is caused by being overly stressed. Little guy knew something was up with everything disappearing into boxes.

Put him on some meds and he was as good as new! He traveled like a champ. We made it to Boise late Saturday evening and took in inventory.

We got to work unpacking and luckily it was a lot easier than actually packing! Mark and Marilyn (Ian's parents) travelled up with us and helped us with everything! They are definitely a God send! They left Tuesday morning and we were left to our own devices..... We had to buy a few pieces of furniture and with a Mitsubishi Eclipse and a Nissan Sentra as our only can imagine our misfortunes. Well knowing Ian and myself like I know you do, we improvised...

You can't really tell, but I am pretty much kissing the windshield. We had to put the thing in slanted and scooted my seat ALL THE WAY FORWARD. Let's just say my legs are a lot more flexible and my face may or may not slightly resemble a pug. 

But even with our shortly planned genius ideas, we made a lot of head-way. And it, of course, is still a work in progress....

Oh, and don't worry. We are no longer using patio chairs for our living room furniture. We bought us a brand new couch! I didn't realize how domestic I had become until I realized how ridiculous I looked when I was jumping up and down clapping and cheering when our couch was being delivered.... boy, I need to get out more. 

But freaking take a look at this beaut!!

Oh, and Ian likes the couch too....

We are super lucky to be so close to the temple. It is literally 10 minutes away....right by the movie theater...we made note of that.

And Franklin has made himself right at home....

Ian wont start working at Walgreens for few weeks, so we are enjoying just making ourselves at home and learning more about Boise. Ps...they have a Kneaders, a zoo and lots of parks here, so I think I'll be good. And Ian is ok with the REI and Golf store.

We are excited to start our lives here as a new multi-species family. 

Oh and I just HAVE to share know, cause I am bird person. .... you're welcome.

"You got to fight for your right to party"-Beastie Boys

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer Lovin!

Hey there everyone!

Man, has this summer gone by fast!! Can you believe it's already half way over?! Let's also talk about how awesome these summer thunderstorms have been! Luckily Frank can hold his own with loud noises (thunderstorms & fireworks). He handles them like a champ!

Ian and I are lucky to be able to split our summer 50/50. Half here in Utah and the other in Boise. New adventures await us. But in the mean time, here has what has been happening lately!

Ian did the Utah Spartan Race  a couple Saturdays ago and killed it! He is a beast! Little does he know that because he has proven he can handle 27 obstacles while running 12+ miles in around 4 hours, he automatically gets dibs on midnight diaper changes... (WHEN THE TIME COMES... Slow down there moms. We got a few more years.)

I did my 4th bike tour on the 4th of July. 25 miles in 1 hour and 42 mins. I cut off some time from the year before, so I am happy with it. My sweetie and some of our family came to cheer Ian's mom, aunt, and myself on.  We felt like rockstars!

After our ride on the 4th, we spent time with Ian's family. We had a BBQ and decided to check out the local festivities...

Not ONLY did I get my caramel apple...(Must have at carnivals....AM I RIGHT?!) but we also rode some rides. Oh, and just an FYI if you are in the market for prime "people watching", carnivals and fairs are the place to be...believe me, we found some gems.

Well early Friday morning Ian's dad took Ian and I fishing. We attempted to fly fish, Ian's dad is a genius at it, but sadly we only caught these little guys....

Franklin was an awesome sidekick, but mostly he stood around waiting for us to reel a fish in so he could play with it.

Later Friday evening Ian and I headed up to Payson Lakes where we had my Pugh family reunion. My parents were in charge this year so each of my immediate family were assigned an activity. I wasn't going to say anything, but I am pretty sure my water balloon relay was the highlight of the trip.

Home away from home

Ian and I were planning on staying until Sunday, but we decided to head to Fairview Saturday evening where Ian's parents were visiting his grandma. It would have probably been our last time visiting her before we headed up to Boise, so we thought it would be fun to surprise them by just showing up. It was probably a good thing we left when my parent's did. What do you get when you have a 1974 motor home, 2 manly men and a broken fuel pump?...

Well, you get this view....

Pops and Ian greasing up their elbows. Does it count if my mom and myself supplied them with gatorade and words of encouragement?

Well back to work I went on Monday and Ian studying his brains out for his licensing exams. But Mark (Ian's dad) wasn't satisfied with the pathetic fly fishing we did on Friday. Who am I kidding, I wasn't either! So off we went up to the Provo River, where we caught a few more decent sized trout and I honed in on my casting skills...which still need alot of work. I think I was whacking the water so hard, it split like I was freaking Moses.

Met a new friend...this beaver was brave enough to swim right infront of me... pretty lucky he didn't get whacked by my rod while I attempted to cast.

We have really enjoyed ourselves so far this summer and cant wait to see what awaits us in Boise.  You guys still have time to give us a ring before we head up! We love you all!

"To infinity and beyond!"- Buzz Lightyear