Thursday, July 24, 2014

New Family Member!

Hey Everyone!

Now I know that once you read the title, you are probably thinking I've got a little Borovatz on board. This is NOT the case. We still have a few years to go... but if you follow my Facebook or Instagram, I am sure you know what it means.

I'd like you to meet Hamilton, our new member of the family!

He is only 4 weeks old in the above photos. We took Frank with us to pic him out. They definitely hit it off, and of course we fell in love! 

We got to take him home at 6 weeks. 

Frank loves to wrestle with Hami, but it took a minute for them to both get used to each other around the house, specifically to sleep with each other.  We have photographic evidence....

They started out in a good place. At least they are both on the couch.

A bit closer....

That's pretty cute.

Aww... and score!

Ahem... ok....

Whoa whoa whoa Hami, too close, too close!

As you can see, Franklin is very tolerant and such a sweet big brother. He still has some jealousy issues to work out, but he is doing great!

Ian and I have also been running A LOT! Mostly our date nights have consisted of a good dinner, stretching, and 10 miler. Of course we have to top it all off with a good protein shake for dessert. 
We are so romantic. 
But really, we love it. We can honestly say that working out together has been one of the most fun things we do during our marriage. We definitely suggest it to everyone! 

Since Ian has been training for a marathon and I have been running with him, I decided to sign us both up for a half marathon. Woo hoo! It was my first and it was so fun doing it together! 

I was also asked to go kayaking with my good friend in the ward Sue. She had another one of her friends join us and we had a blast! Great arm, ab, and cardio workout!

We also got to make it down to Utah for a weekend where I got to go with my cousin Melonie to the Country Explosion concerts. So much fun! Still say Rascal Flatts killed it!

Oh and by the way, I did in fact have time to do a 4th of July chalkboard...

Speaking of 4th of July, Ian and I both had to work, but we still had a good time. Ian opened that day, so got off work earlier. Once he got home, he started up the grill. We BBQ'd steak and corn on the cob. We then took a walk around the neighborhood with Frank to watch all the fireworks everyone was lighting off. Everyone was super impressed with the way Frank handled the loud noises. I just answered them truthfully.
"He's used to my loud mouth."

Well thats about it for us! We are excited to have little Hami in the family. Of course I am not looking forward to the chewing and house training (which is going along surprisingly well). But it's going to be fun having two boxers in the house...

With ups....

And downs.

We will again be making a Utah trip in August. Ian will be more available than me, but please try and get together with us! We love you all and hope to see you soon!