Saturday, November 16, 2013

Fall Holidays

Hey there everyone!

Happy late Halloween and soon to be Thanksgiving! We have been filling our time with holiday goodness lately and we want to share with you what we have been up to! Last time I posted, it was just before the Halloween holiday so this post will back track a little bit.

We were able to carve pumpkins finally... the day before Halloween. But we are glad we waited to do so because SO many other doorstep pumpkins that had been carved earlier in the month had already started to rot. Yeah, pretty much ours were pumpkin perfection....

How can I carve a pumpkin so well? You ask.... It's because I trained young.

Halloween was a blast. Luckily we were able to find costumes for us all. I am determined to find costumes next year that relate to each other ....this year was kinda miscellaneous. 

We found Ian a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle onsie pajama that worked perfect for his costume and Frank was a crocodile, alligator, dinosaur, dragon mix... whatever people called him, we just agreed with.

I pulled out an old costume from years ago that luckily still fit... Raspberry Tart.

The only thing missing from Ian's costume was a mask to cover his eyes... we attempted to find some cloth so that I could make one for him, but we ran out of time. Lucky the hubby is very ingenuitive and found something at the pharmacy that worked just as well...

My Hubby is a genius.

Ian had to work til 10:00 pm so he missed the trick or treaters, but let's be honest here... we only had 4. 
Frank and I made up the difference by going to the ward Trunk or Treat where we got to get rid most of the candy.

It was too exciting for the Frank so he crashed out early, only waking up to welcome the trick or treaters.

The next weekend we were able to have my parents visit us! We had a blast! Ian had to work most days they were here but we were able to take them to dinner together and Frank and I got to spend some quality time with them.

I took them on a drive through Julie Davis Park, through downtown, and over to the temple.

We also had a church mishap. Since Ian and I haven't been able to attend church the last 3 weeks. (Due to work and Utah trips) We weren't notified it was Stake Conference. We were an hour and 15 minutes late, but luckily we found where it was held and got to hear a few talks. Haha My bad... sorry mom and dad.

My mom also was able to help me make caramel apples. Perfect fall snack!

We've also had a few other visitors... bugs. I don't know how many times I have said this, but I SWEAR Idaho bugs are 10 times larger than Utah bugs...and way more weird looking. 

Take a look at this sucker... I don't even know what the freak it is...

Or how about this beauty?... It's a freaking ginormous slug...

Ian wouldn't touch the thing. 

We were also able to attend a birthday party for a good friend of ours here. Sue does Zumba with me and I am her visiting teacher. They have had us over for dinner before and we just love them. 

Happy Birthday Sue!

Well, you don't really think about it when you are getting married, but once you have moved into your own place, you realize that you now have to decorate your own house. Not just for everyday, but especially for holidays and I LOVE it! Ian and I have slowly been accruing decorations for each holiday and since Halloween was now over, we started on Thanksgiving.

Luckily we recycled the pumpkins and gourds we had out for Halloween. They totally could be used for both holidays. I am just excited to start on Christmas, but don't worry, I told Ian we aren't even allowed to LOOK down the Christmas decoration isle until AFTER Thanksgiving. It's only fair. Thanksgiving always gets the shaft by people skipping over it from Halloween straight to stockings and egg nog.  I am here to make sure it gets the attention it deserves!

Oh and on a side note... I finally got my name changed....

Hello Taylynn Pugh Borovatz. Nice to meet you.

And since it is the season for things to be grateful for (I haven't been doing the Facebook "daily things I am thankful for". I figured I would put a few things here on the blog).
Here is a small list for myself...

I am grateful for care packages and sweet notes... (Thank you Marilyn)

I am grateful for specific family members that tell us when we need to shower.

I am grateful for the same specific family member that tactfully lets me know I am reading too much and not giving him enough attention.

I am grateful for puppy dog eyes.

I am grateful for no alone time, because it let's me know I am loved. 

I am grateful for friends who share their herb garden bounty with me.

I am grateful for strong handsome hubbys and patient pups.

I am grateful for daydreamers that keep my feet warm.

Oh, how I could go on and on, but thus this post would never end.  Tis the season to be Thankful! 

Well finally I'll end the post with the many faces of Franklin Mark Borovatz...

How did I get so lucky!?

Once again, we love you all and are more than thankful for your love and friendships! We will actually be making it down to Utah for Thanksgiving, but in case we don't see you, please know you are loved and we hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

"Thank you God for the world so sweet. 
Thank you God for the food we eat. 
Thank you God for the birds that sing. 
Thank you God for everything."

-Primary Song and Nursery Rhyme