Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Birthdays, Weddings, and Visitors

Hola Amigos y Familia!

Man! What a busy last couple of weeks! Can you believe October is almost over!? We have had so much going on, that I got whip lash looking at my calendar.... WHAT!? Halloween is in 4 days!?
Good thing we planned ahead this year and got our costumes just in time.... What are we going to be, you ask? Mums the word... you'll have to wait til my next blog post to know. Besides, you wont get the full affect til we are all decked out in our costume glory. Believe me, it'll be worth the wait.

Luckily I had enough time to put in a couple chalkboards for the kitchen.

One for Fall...

And one for Halloween....

We were even able to get some Halloween decorations up just in time....

They were re-roofing our townhome complex, so one day our decorations were out, and the next, we had to drag them back in so they could play "Inn Keeper" by letting us know when we were allowed to go in and out. That doesn't work too well when you have 2 rambunctious dogs who need out to potty every once in a while... 

Hami has done SO much better with potty training, so we decided it was time for some carpet cleaning.....

Oh, and I had a birthday! I was definitely spoiled, like always, from the hubby. He had to work the night of my birthday so he took me out to sushi for lunch and got me a day at the spa. Could a girl get any luckier?!

We didn't have time this year to go to the Idaho State Fair, but luckily we happened upon a grassroots festival one Sunday evening while going for a walk. They were just cleaning up when we got there, but it was people watching at it's best. They should have called it "Hippies/Free Thinkers Festival." I may have been tempted to buy some crystals, or let the nice lady with dreads braid my hair, but then again, maybe I didn't. We'll have to remember it next year and hit it up when it is in full swing. 
But our walk turned out great. We tried Camel Back Park for the first time. It was more like a hike-walk, but made for a good end to our Sunday.

You can see all the tents from the festival at the bottom of the hill.

My parents also got to visit us! It was so fun having them up! My mom brought her homemade crockpot chili recipe and we put it to good use.

Why yes, my mom IS wearing a Volcom shirt... she knows what's up!

Ian had a few mornings off, so we took my parents to the Boise Farmers Market where they bought some organic JalapeƱo peach jam. (Which is amazing with cream cheese and crackers.)
We also bought some spinach which we made into a salad for lunch.

Since Ian had to work at night, I decided to take my parents to a restaurant called Bier 30. My dad is a huge German food junkie, and what do you know? They are a German restaurant. It was amazing! Brauts and Sauerkraut... mmmm.

And of course we had to get Beer at Bier.

My mom was also able to get in some puppy cuddles before they had to leave.

We also made a trip down to Utah for Ian's cousin's wedding. Man, was that trip crazy! We first had dinner with my bestie and old roomie Marte and I had to love up on my old fur roomie Brover.

We took my mom bowling...

Cheered for Ian's OTHER cousin's volleyball game... You know I cheered the loudest.

Attended the wedding. (Which was beautiful)

(Ian and I were a bridesmaid and groomsman.)

And finished off the trip by cleaning out my parents yard as part of their Christmas gift... Oh and FYI, for those of you who didn't know.... The dump's speed limit is 23 and a half miles per hour.

Once we got back, we had my sister and her family come for a visit... didn't I tell you it was a busy last couple weeks?!

We took them all to the Farmstead where they had a ton of kids activities, pumpkin patch, food, and a cornmaze. We didn't make it to the cornmaze because we had so much fun doing everything else, we didn't have time.

While my sister and her hubby took the boys out to run some errands, I got to have some girl time with the ladies. What did we do? Braided hair and watched Tinkerbell movies. What else?

We then took everyone up Table Rock where we had a picnic and were surprised to find that Hami made it all the way to the top without hyperventilating.

We decided to paint the pumpkins we picked at the Farmstead... I am sure I said a few prayers under my breath to not get paint on the furniture or carpet, and I think we succeeded. 

We had a blast!

The next week we made it down to Utah again for Ian's Goblin Valley Ultra Marathon that he directed. Turns out I was sick the entire time with a nasty cold, but toughed it out. It hit it's worst peak on the way home. (Probably for over doing it.) But the race was a success and everyone had fun!

4:30 AM wake up call

The Goblins

The views from the top of the Butte where the runners turned around.

Both Ian and Andrea co-directed and Isaac and I were their cheering squad. (My hair was totally on point.)

Goblin Family Photo

And of course we round out the blog with the boys...

This genius got his head stuck in the oatmeal cannister while we were out running.... I was laughing so hard Ian had to remind me I might get his ear while cutting the dang thing off.  

Hami is now 5 months old and 40 pounds... freaking Hog.

Frank sleeps with his toys. Cute boy.

Mr. Whittingham, we have your next defensive lineman.
(Ian loves the house cold, so I put sweaters on the dogs..... Go Utes?)

Wearing your ears inside out is the equivalent of wearing your hat backwards.

Well that's it for the Borovatz. We miss you all and hope you have an awesome Halloween!