Saturday, April 5, 2014

Springing Forward!

Hey Everyone!

Sorry it has been a bit since I blogged last. I guess our lives are so busy and full of exciting things that blogging has sort of been put on the back burner. I will try to remedy that and make it more of a priority.

Everything has been going great! We've been busy working and playing like usual. So here is what has been going on....

We found a new walk that we really like. I am not sure if I can compare it to Julia Davis Park. But it is a close second. It is located right behind Barber Park (running along the Boise River) and is a dirt trail. It also doubles as a bird reserve, so that's pretty neat.

It doesn't look so great in the pics, but just imagine it in the summer... AWESOME!

I've run along it a couple times and I love it because it's so secluded, you don't really feel like you are running in the middle of a city. 

We had Ian's parents come up to visit again and we had a blast. We took them to some of our favorite places to eat here and they took us shopping. Ian got an early birthday present... if you know Ian, you can imagine his 5 year old grin when we brought this puppy home....

And of course, we put it straight to work!

We are real slave drivers for good food.

Speaking of good food, we found 2 other awesome food places here in Boise that we have put on our favorite list. One is called High Note Cafe and is located Downtown. It's a little hole-in-the-wall place, but they have free local music every night and their famous tomato coconut soup, and homemade bacon coleslaw is AMAZING! 

We also found a small little Chinese place that is for reals legit! Mr. Chen is a little old Chinese man who owns Wok-Inn Noodle and does all the cooking. Because he is the only one cooking in the back you are guaranteed it's authenticity and that you'll be waiting a bit for your food. We found it is best to go on weekday nights, less crowd = less time waiting. But man, is the wait totally worth it! The House Noodles are to DIE FOR! He hand makes and home cooks them fresh each day! Man, my stomach is grumbling for them as we speak. 

Have my food ramblings enticed you to come visit yet? Bribery in it's best form. We'll pay!

After all the eating we do, you bet we work that stuff off!
Ian was in the Crossfit Open where he competed in workouts. Frank and I went to cheer him on.

And of course, he rocked it!

Ian's parents also bought me some new barefoot running shoes. They are definitely a whole other world, but a good change.

We took Frank on a hike up Table Rock during Spring Break. At the top is a huge white cross that they light up at night for all those who have "fallen". 
Now that Frank is older, (refer back to this post about his last hike) he did a lot better. Not to mention there were a ton of other dogs he got to socialize with. But even with his relief society antics, we made good time and had a lot of fun!

Frank has also been to doggy day care a bit. We all know he catches illnesses faster than green grass goes through a goose, so he of course caught a bit of a bug.

The vet said he was "reverse sneezing." What the heck is "reverse sneezing", you ask?
Exactly what it sounds like. Pretty much a sneeze backwards. Instead of blowing out, he sucks in. He sounded like a pig. He got a runny nose to top it all off. You can bet any surface he was face level with  had to be either wiped, washed, or thrown away. Dogs don't know how to blow their noses in tissues. They use bedspreads, couches, and Dad's work pants.

But even with all the cleaning that was being done, I was able to work on my chalkboard. 

For Saint Patricks...

And Easter....

We also got to Spring up the place a bit by my continuous probing of Ian to buy flowers for the dining room table...

We also decided to do a bit of Spring cleaning. Cleaning of our bodies. Not our house. (We probably could do a bit of that as well.)
I had heard about juice cleanses and talked Ian into doing one with me. 
For those of you interested, we did it through a company called Pressed Juicery. They are located in California. Lucky for us, we are considered "local" and received free shipping. (I am not sure about you Utahns.) Anyways, we did a 3 day cleanse. Now I know a lot of you are going to say, "Seriously?! That's it?! I know people that did 30 days!" 
Yes, yes, people do a lot longer than us. But those people do it for weight loss or for an extreme cleanse. Ian and I didn't need to lose weight, we just wanted to clean out the pipes and detox our bodies. To which it did... 
Pressed Juicery sends you 6 drinks for each day of your cleanse. You are to drink a juice every 2 hours. I did fine, my energy level was about normal and my skin felt great. The only thing I did notice, was that I was cold a lot more. That would be from the low calories I was ingesting each day. (This cleanse is a low calorie, high nutrient cleanse.)
Ian's experience was a bit different. His energy was much lower, and he seemed to be hungry most of the time. He says though, that it is definitely worth it and knows he'll feel awesome once the cleanse is complete. (We are on our last day.)

Pressed Juicery also suggests you wean yourself off of dairy, grains, and meat 3 days before the cleanse and then wean yourself back on 3 days after, so it's not such a shock to your body. SO technically, we have been on straight fruits and veggies for 6 days rather than 3 and we still have a few to go. We had to stock up on all the ingredients for our salads and fruits smoothies.

Truthfully this cleanse was just what our bodies needed. Yeah it was tough to drive by Subway or go see a movie and have to smell the delicious popcorn, but it's a state of mind. Determination to make ourselves healthier pulled us through. I would definitely suggest this to anyone. You will thank me and your body with thank you!

And here is Franklin's collage....

Well that is about the gist of the past couple months.
We will be in Utah the weekend of April 23rd! We hope to see you!
We love you all and hope that everyone is doing great! 

"Walk with the dreamers, the believers, the courageous, the cheerful, the planners, the doers, the successful people with their heads in the clouds and their feet on the ground." 
-Wilfred Peterson