Thursday, May 8, 2014

Family Time

Holla friends and family!

What a great past few weeks! We had a great Easter and made a trip to Utah!

Ian also had his birthday! The ol' ball and chain turned 28. We decided to do a low key dinner and a movie because we had plans to have dinner with his friends when we got back to Utah. I also surprised my old man with this....

We went to dinner at Big Jud's.... The first time someone mentioned this joint to me, I misheard them and didn't exactly pronounce it correctly...*cough* "Big Jugs" *cough*

Big Jud's is awesome! Best burgers you will ever have! Ian likes the shakes a lot and I really like their onion rings. Seriously, I don't care whom you compare them with, they will win. Just remember that once you eat there, you'll wanna do laps around the building afterwards to burn of the calorie induced coma you are about to have.

But needless to say, Ian liked the gift.

And immediately put it to good use....

We also had a great Easter. We taught our little sunbeamers about Christ's resurrection. I took Ian's mom's advice and went rogue by doing my own lesson instead of the Easter one out of the manual. I think they liked it. I calculate how well they are listening by how often we have interruptions. We only had one bonked head, one booger wiped onto another, 2 crayons shoved up the nose, and 3 potty breaks. I think it was a success.  

We dyed Easter eggs the night before. What? I know we don't have kids. We just like to be kids at heart.

Easter night we were invited to have dinner with one of the families in the ward. It's nice to be taken in. Dinner was great!

We made a trip to Utah a few weeks later! Woo hoo! It's crazy to think the last time we were down was around Christmas time. We had a full weekend with friends and family. 

We first went golfing with Ian's parents. I don't want to brag or anything, but this was the 2nd time I have ever "for real" golfed, (None of that miniature golfing stuff) and I was only 3 away from the lowest score. I am thinking about going pro. 

We also did the aquarium with my family.

This little gingersnap!

Knowing us, we can't go all weekend out with getting a workout in. My cousin David invited us to come to his gym and do a WOD with him. So we did. 

Thanks Crossfit The Point, and thank you David!

Well Saturday night coming home from my parents, we were driving down Redwood and all of a sudden we hit a pot hole and hear a thump thump thump. Come to find out our rim had been completely damaged and needed to be replaced. We got a bit stressed since we had to drive back to Utah Sunday afternoon. The only place we could find that was open on Sunday was Walmart. Unfortunately for us, they didn't have the tool used to take Ian's specialty rims off. So then we had to go on a hunt for an auto store that was open on Sunday as well. Luckily we got it all fixed. Unluckily we had to buy 4 all new tires and 4 new rims since they didn't have a rim that matched Ian's old ones..... So just a warning to all you Redwood road drivers. Watch out for this pot hole...

This was taken the next day and someone had filled it with dirt. We actually saw a car pulled to the side of the road with the exact same dented rim we had... Just watch out for it! It is just past the intersection of 13400 and Redwood if you are heading North. (If Riverton hasn't filled it in yet.)

Well once we made it back to Idaho, Ian headed back to work and I had some time to do a Cinco de Mayo chalkboard.

And Frank and I got to do the Table Rock hike again. It was even more beautiful this time around because sunflowers had bloomed and covered the hill sides.

We also bought me a new pair of clip shoes for my bike ride. 

I am driving down to Utah this afternoon for my Goldilocks bike ride on Saturday. 60 miles. My dad says we are going to be SB and SB. Sun burned and sore bummed. This is a fact. It'll be great!

And of course, we finish the blog off with the Frank.

We love you all! If I don't see you this weekend, we will be down quite a bit this summer. And if you have a need to get away, we have a bed and food here in Boise. What else do you need?! 

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