Wednesday, February 19, 2014

February is for Lovers...

Hey Everyone!

Sorry it has been a bit longer between posts this time. We have been busy and I'll be honest, haven't felt up to writing. But don't worry. This post will update you on what has been going on the last month.

I love February! Mostly because I get to do fun cute things for my honey. This month was no exception! Hurray for Valentine's Day! This year I did the "14 Days of Valentine's" for Ian. I purchased a few odds and ends of things that he likes and wrote cheesy love notes to go along with them. I hid them around the house so that he could find them each day. What can I say? I am a romantic! Ian took the fail safe way and bought me flowers and Chocolate covered strawberries.... He won this round...Challenge accepted.

This one was under his pillow.

On his Night Stand.

His sock drawer.

In his car.

In the shower.

He went more elaborate. 

He then took me to one of my ALL time favorite restaurants, that luckily Boise has as well as SLC....

The Melting Pot!

And of course we had to decorate the house a bit for the month of LOVE!

Frank also got some Valentine's gifts.... mostly things he needed. 

We thought that if we bought him a toy that he was only allowed to play with when we were gone, it would take him longer to get bored of it since he only played with it every few days. Well that backfired pretty good.... This is what I came home to from church on Sunday (Ian was working)....

Little shiz head

He had decided to play with Ian's toy instead of his own.

Frank also turned 1 on February 13th. We didn't bake him a cake or anything, but I might have snuck him a few of my Mac N' Cheese noodles.

It has been SO nice here in Boise. Mid 50 degree weather is perfect for park outings. 

Ian and I like to run, so when we got Frank we thought it would be great to get him to start running with us. Sadly the vet said we had to wait until he was a year old, because it can cause issues with his joints and muscles when he is still growing. Well since Frank is now a year old, we have started to condition him to long distances. So far its only been walking but Frank and I got in a 5 mile walk on Monday, and he seemed to love it.

Our next door neighbor has been out of town for the past 6 weeks or so. He is in the air force so he had to go to a training in Las Vegas. Well, Mr. Neighbor has a dog that has separation anxiety. You can imagine how much barking the poor guy did. Mr. Neighbor had a dog sitter come and let the dog out and feed him, but when sitter wasn't there at nights, the dog would have a barking fit. I guess the people on the other side of Mr. Neighbor have young kids so when the dog was barking at 11:00 at night, they weren't too happy about it. Apparently they wrote a big nasty note to the dog sitter and she was beside herself about knowing what to do. Luckily Ian ran into her when he was coming home one night and offered for us to take the dog whenever she needed to get away. Apparently she had been taking the dog home with her, which wasn't allowed for her apartment complex. And had been unable to do anything but go to work, school and then come spend time with the dog because it would bark non-stop. Well turns out she took us up on the offer and we got to spend some time with this dude. 

Meet Rascal...

Frank absolutely loved it! So much so, that they would chase each other around the house and then crash the rest of the time.

Well enough about dogs, let's talk about Ian and I. Ian is still loving work. He started Crossfit in January and really loves it. (I do too... loving Mr. Muscles.) He also found out that some buddies from work like to play "Star Craft" and they have evening "dates" where they play...
(Please excuse the messy desk. It's been cleaned since then.)

I am doing Zumba. Sadly not teaching at the same place, but I still get it in whenever I can.

I've come to really enjoy spending time with the ladies I Zumba with. We have a weekly lunch date where we eat and laugh. But mostly laugh.

I also recently signed up for a 60 mile bike race in SLC in May. I am on a team with 3 other ladies. Ian's Aunt and Cousin-in-law are on it as well. I am super excited! Go team Injury Ingredient!

Oh, and also, I have a super cute new nephew!!

What a doll! My brother Josh and his wife Getse had Porter Benjamin just a few weeks ago. A blue-eyed Mexican baby. Love him!!

And of course I end my post with a plethora of pictures of Franklin....

This is what Frank and I do when we watch Football.....

We are hoping to make it down to Utah in April. So make yourselves available! We love you all! Hope you had a great Valentine's Day! 

"When someone else's happiness is your happiness, that is love."
-Lana Del Rey

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